Mushroom Coffee for Productivity

Most of us are currently in a love-hate relationship with coffee, but apart from tea, what other options do we have to get that energetic edge? Four Sigmatic have a range of Mushroom Coffee and Elixers, they have options to keep you very alert and awake, but also to wind down at the end of the day, so that you can get a better sleep and tackle the next day after a full nights sleep.


Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom Coffee comes in two variants currently, both containing Chaga Mushroom, one with Cordyceps and one with Lion’s Mane. Both of these Mushrooms are supposed to have a range of health benefits, but in these products, they are used for;

Cordyceps – To keep you very awake and alert, best used for an active scenario.

Lion’s Mane – To help you focus and be more productive



If you’re like me and coffee has very little effect these days, then this gives you the option to try something new with a new kind of focus, the Lions Mane allows you to stay awake and focused without the jitters coffee can give you. Also, this is a very simple instant coffee in a sachet so Four Sigmatic has made it easy for you to take your mushroom coffee anywhere you want, you can be as productive as possible while travelling and at home.

Try it out

Disclaimer, this isn’t a paid ad. I don’t care where you buy it from, just give it a go! Here is a map to find your closest Four Sigmatic resellers


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